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This section includes history of changes and new feature of 3 major releases back. For older releases history, please refer to the relevant firmware versions.



PCC AlgorithmEnables the users to collect more information from NP to RP for PCC algorithm. To achieve this, the NP ingress bytes information was added to the RTT response packet sent from the NP side.
HPCC: Support per-IP and per-QP Methods

Enables the user to configure the PCC algorithm shaper coalescing mode using nvconfig to select CC algorithm shaper coalescing for IB and ROCE. 

Bug FixesSee Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version section. 



HPCC, Programmable Congestion ControlHPCC related configurations in is now supported via the mlxconfig utility.
UDPAdded support for copy modify header steering action to/from the UDP field.
Range based Lookup

Added support for range based lookup. This new capability is available using the following new PRM command:

GENERATE WQE which receives GTA WQE, the command supports "match on range" and num_hash_definer=[1,2] and num_match_ste=[1,2].

For further information, refer to section "RTC Object Format" in the PRM.

RoCE based VM MigrationAdded support for RoCE based VM migration.
Resource Dump

Added the following resource dump segments:

  • SEG_HW_STE_FULL that includes dump to STE and all its dependencies
  • SEG_FW_STE_FULL that include dump to FW_STE and to HW_STE_FULL in range
Striding WQE - Headroom and Tail-roomAs the software requires additional space before and after a packet is scattered for its processing for stridden RQ, the hardware will allocate the required room while scattering packets to spare a copy. 
Connections per Second (CPS)Improved security offload's Connections per Second (CPS) rate using the general object DEK (PSP TLS etc).
VF Migration FlowAdded support for pre-copy commands in VF migration flow in order to reduce the migration downtime.
VF Migration FlowOptimized performance to support full VF migration flow.
VirtIO vDPA Performance VirtualizationIncreased the VirtIO hardware offload message rate to 20/20 MPPS for 256 virtual devices by optimizing the datapath application code.
RoCE: Adaptive TimerEnabled ADP timer to allow the user to configure RC or DC qp_timeout values lower than 16.
QoS Priority Trust Default State

QoS priority trust default state can now be changed using the new nvconfig below:


The values that can be used to set the default state are:

Bug FixesSee Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version section. 




This is the initial version of the ConnectX-6 DE firmware Release Notes. ConnectX-6 DE has the same feature set as ConnectX-6 adapter card.