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Internal Ref.FeatureDescriptionSupport Added in User Space VersionSupport Added in Firmware Version
ASAP2 Features
2346181OVS Failover Improvement[ConnectX-6 Dx] Improved OVS failover through support for OVS groups in fast-failover mode + VF_LAG configuration with OVS.N/Axx.32.1010
3019886Filtering Packets per Packet VLAN ID[ConnectX-6 Dx and above] Added support for filtering packets per packet VLAN ID. N/AN/A
2211207VDPA Vendor Statistics[ConnectX-6 Dx and above] Added support for reading vendor statistics for a given virtqueue.iproute2N/A
Core Features
2967769Firmware Pre-Initialization Timeout Improvement[All HCAs] Increased the firmware pre-initialization timeout from 2 minutes to 2 hours when waiting for firmware during driver health recovery, allowing the driver to passively recover from a firmware reset, even if the reset takes an unusually long time. Additionally, added an exit clause to the wait for firmware loop, allowing immediate response to a user-initiated device removal.N/AN/A
2783777Firmware Reset in DPU NIC Mode[BlueField-2] Added support of Firmware Reset in DPU NIC mode.N/AN/A
Software Steering Features
2885073IP Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN)[ConnectX-5 and above] ECN field is 2 bits in the traffic control IP header. This feature allows reliable communication by notifying when congestion occurs by modify ECN field to CE(b'11). Adds the ECN field modification support for IPv4 and IPv6 packets.DPDK 22.07xx.33.1048