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Internal Ref.FeatureDescriptionSupport Added in User Space VersionSupport Added in Firmware Version
ASAP2 Features
3034240MC Offload for OVS[All HCAs] Added support for MC offload for OVS using ovs mcast_snooping_enable configuration.N/AN/A
2685267Remove Dependency Between SR-IOV and eSwitch Mode[All HCAs] Removed dependency between SR-IOV and eSwitch mode. Currently, there are three eSwitch modes: none, legacy, and switchdev (non of which are the default mode). And when disabling SR-IOV, the current eSwitch mode will be changed to none. This feature removes eSwitch mode none and also removes dependency between SR-IOV and eSwitch mode.N/AN/A
2666892Linux Bridge VLAN Filtering of 802.1 Q Packets[ConnectX-6 Dx]: Extended mlx5 Linux bridge VLAN offload to support packets tagged with 802.1 Q VLAN ethertype.N/AN/A
2641218Metering Offload [ConnectX-6 Lx, ConnectX-6 Dx and above] Added support for per flow metering using OVS or TC.Open vSwitch v3.0.0xx.34.1002
Core Features
3015003VNIC Diagnostics Counters[ConnectX-4 and above] Added support for exposing error counters on a VPort manager function for all other VPorts. These counters can be used to detect malicious users who are exploiting flows that can slow the device. The counters are exposed through debugfs under: /sys/kernel/debug/mlx5/esw//vnic_diag/N/AN/A
3005449DevLink Parallel Command[ConnectX-4 and above] In this feature, a global DevLink mutex was removed, so running DevLink commands in parallel on different DevLink devices is possible. For example, burning firmware on afew cards on the same host in parallel using DevLink API is now possible.iproute2 codeN/A
NetDev Features
3015063XDP in Switchdev Mode[ConnectX-5 and ConnectX-6 Dx] Added XDP support for uplink representors in SwitchDev mode.N/AN/A
2914151tx_port_ts Resiliency[ConnectX-6 Dx and above] Added resiliency to the tx_port_ts feature. private-flag may be enabled via ethtool tx_port_ts which provides a more accurate time-stamp. In very rare cases, the said time-stamp was lost, leading to losing the synchronization altogether. This feature allows for fast recovery and allows to quickly regain synchronization.N/Axx.34.1002
2619241Protection from Flood Attacks[BlueField and above?] Upstream XDP program to accelerate part of synproxy that generates and checks SYN cookies, protecting from TCP SYN flood attacks. New upstream BPF helpers required for this program.N/AN/A
2092924TLS TIS Pool[TLS enabled devices???] Per-connection hardware TIS objects is used to maintain the device TLS TX context. Use a SW TIS pool for recycling the TIS objects instead of destroying/creating them. This reduces the interaction with the device via the FW command interface, which increases the TLS connection rate.N/AN/A
RDMA Features
3015279Forwarding Packets Into a Level 0 Table[All HCAs] Added support for a new software steering action, mlx5dv_dr_action_create_dest_root_table(). This action can be used to forward packets back into a level 0 table. As a table with level 0 is the kernel owned table, this will result in injecting packets to the kernel steering pipeline.rdma-core v42.0xx.34.1002
2816261UMR QP Recilency[ConnectX-5 and above] Added a recovery flow for the driver's UMR logic so that other UMR requests can be proccessed after the error UMR was dropped and the UMR QP was reset. Previously, a faulty UMR request would have moved the QP to error state and disable any option to continue issuing UMRs.N/Axx.34.1002

Unsupported Features

Internal Ref.KeywordFeature
2942773Multi-Block Encryption[ConnectX-6 Dx, BlueField-2, and above] Multi-block encryption is currently unsupported, due to a hardware limitation.