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mlxprivhost enables the user to restrict the hosts from managing the device.

mlxprivhost is supported in Linux only.

mlxprivhost is not supported in ESXi 7.0.

This utility is supported in BlueField devices only.

 mlxprivhost Synopsis

mlxprivhost [OPTIONS] <command> [parameters…]
  • Restrict configuration takes effect immediately, but with disabling/enabling RShim, it requires reboot
  • The host cannot restrict itself, it only restricts other external hosts
  • A restricted host will not be able to perform operations as the below that can compromise the DPU:
    • Port ownership – the host cannot assign itself as port owner
    • Hardware counters – the host does not have access to hardware counters
    • Tracer functionality is blocked
    • RShim interface is blocked
    • FW flash is restricted
  • For Multi-host system, the tool is compatible with firmware version starting from xx.31.10xx and later


-h, --help  Shows this help message and exit
-v, --version    Shows program's version number and exit
--device DEVICE, -d DEVICE Device to work with.

When TRUE, the host does not have an RSHIM function to access the embedded CPU registers.

Reboot is required for changes to take effect. 

--disable_tracerWhen TRUE, the host will not be allowed to own the Tracer
--disable_counter_rdWhen TRUE, the host will not be allowed to read Physical port counters 
--disable_port_owner  When TRUE, the host will not be allowed to be Port Owner 
r,restrictSet all external hosts restricted except the one that called the command
p,privilege   Set all external hosts privileged except the one that called the command

From external host: query the status of the host

From Embedded Arm CPU: query if all external hosts are restricted

Example of mlxprivhost:

  • Enabling Full Host Restriction: 

    mlxprivhost –d /dev/mst/mt41682_pciconf0 r --disable_rshim --disable_tracer --disable_counter_rd --disable_port_owner
  • Disabling Host Restriction: 

    mlxprivhost -d
  • Query the status of host: 

    mlxprivhost -d