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The pckt_drop utility corrupts the next transmitted packet from a ConnectX family adapter port.

pckt_drop Usage

Run the pckt_drop with the following command line syntax:

-d, --device Specify the mst device to configure. (Required.)
-h, --help   Print this help screen and exit.
-m, --mode Specify operating mode. Supported modes are: 
EDP: Inserts error on next transmitted data packet. (Default: EDP)
-p, --port  Select which port to configure. Use `1'/`2' for port1/port2, respectively, or `b' for both. (Default: b)
-v, --version Print the application version and exit.


# pckt_drop -d /dev/mst/mt4117_pciconf0 -p 1     

The example above shows how to use the pckt_drop to corrupt a packet from port 1.