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This feature is supported at beta level on ConnectX-4 adapter cards family and above only.

Docker (containerization) performs operating-system-level virtualization. On Linux, Docker uses resource isolation of the Linux kernel, to allow independent "containers" to run within a single Linux kernel instance.
Docker containers are supported on MLNX_OFED using Docker runtime. Virtual RoCE and InfiniBand devices are supported using SR-IOV mode.

Currently, RDMA/RoCE devices are supported in the modes listed in the following table: 

Linux Containers Networking Modes

Orchestration and Clustering ToolVersionNetworking ModeLink LayerVirtualization Mode


Docker Engine

17.03 or higher

SR-IOV using sriov-plugin along with docker run wrapper tool

InfiniBand and Ethernet




1.10.3 or higher

SR-IOV using device plugin, and using SR- IOV CNI plugin

InfiniBand and Ethernet


VXLAN using IPoIB bridge


Shared HCA