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  1. Check the device’s PCI address.

    lspci | grep Mellanox


    00:06.0 Infiniband controller: Mellanox Technologies MT27520 Family [ConnectX-3 Pro]
  2. Identify the adapter card's PSID.

    # mstflint -d 81:00.0 q
    Image type:        FS2
    FW Version:        2.42.5000
    FW Release Date:   26.7.2017
    Rom Info:          type=PXE version=3.4.752 devid=4103      
    Device ID:         4103
    Description:       Node             Port1            Port2
    Sys image          e41d2d0300b3f590 e41d2d0300b3f591 e41d2d0300b3f592
    MACs:                                   e41d2db3f591     e41d2db3f591
    PSID:              MT_1090111019
  3. Download the firmware BIN file from the NVIDIA website that matches your card's PSID. To download the firmware, go to NVIDIA's Firmware Downloads page.
  4. Burn the firmware.

     # mstflint -d <lspci-device-id> -i <image-file> b
  5. Reboot your machine after the firmware burning is completed.