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As of NVIDIA SHARP version 2.7.0, sharpd daemon no longer exists. sharpd-related activity is now performed from the user-application process instead.

This section describes how to install Aggregation Manager in the fabric using NVIDIA SHARP AM daemon script.

NVIDIA SHARP Aggregation Manager daemon (sharp_am) is executed on a dedicated server along with the Subnet Manager.

Installing Aggregation Manager as a service is required when used from the HPC-X or from MLNX_OFED packages.

NVIDIA SHARP Daemons Installation Script

In order to install/remove NVIDIA SHARP AM daemons, use script provided with the NVIDIA SHARP package. For example: 


Usage: (-s | -r) [-p SHARP location dir] -d
<sharpd | sharp_am> [-m]
        -s - Setup SHARP daemon
        -r - Remove SHARP daemon
        -p - Path to alternative SHARP location dir
        -d - Daemon name (sharp_am)
        -b - Enable socket based activation of the service

Registering sharp_am as a Service on the Subnet Manager Node

  1. Run the following as root: 

    # $HPCX_SHARP_DIR/sbin/ -s -d sharp_am

    Daemon's log location is: /var/log/sharp_am.log

  2. Set the "run level". 

  3. Start sharp_am as root. 

    # service sharp_am start

Removing Daemons

To remove sharp_am, run the following on the AM host:

# $HPCX_SHARP_DIR/sbin/ -r -d sharp_am

Upgrading NVIDIA SHARP AM Daemons

Upgrading SHARP AM daemons requires their removal and re-registration as instructed in the sections above.