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Description: Fixed an issue where the UEFI driver set SDR link speed for devices operating on Multi-Host mode or when the keep_link_up was enabled. 

Keywords: SDR, Multi-Host, Single-Host, port speed

Discovered in Version: 3.5.305

Fixed in release: 3.6.901

Description: In BlueField server that operates in EMBEDDED CPU mode, the UEFI driver will not be loaded. and the UEFI NIC will not be visible as a boot option before the driver on the embedded (Arm) side is loaded. and has completed NIC configuration on the Arm OS.
Keywords: UEFI BlueField EMBEDDED_CPU
Discovered in Version: 14.19.14

Fixed in Release: 14.22.14


Description: In devices that operate in Socket-Direct mode, the MAC address of the auxiliary partitions in the Hii menu is the same as the MAC address.
Keywords: MAC address, Hii menu, Socket-Direct
Discovered in Version: 14.18.19

Fixed in Release: 14.20.19

1447149Description: HII menu Link speed configuration will be "NA" in case speed is configured to 50GBase-KR4.
Keywords: HII, Link Speed
Discovered in Version: 14.16.17
Fixed in Release: 14.19.14
1714636Description: Fixed and issue that prolonged the system's boot time over 3 minutes after rebooted the system.
Keywords: Boot, UEFI
Discovered in Version: 14.17.11
Fixed in Release: 14.18.19


Description: Fixed and issue that resulted in RSOD (Red Screen of Death) when burned the firmware using UEFI on secured adapter cards.

Keywords: Secured Adapter Cards, Firmware Burning, RSOD

Discovered in Version: 14.15.19

Fixed in Release: 14.16.17


Description: Fixed an issue in ConnectX-4 Lx adapter cards, where the Virtual LAN Mode and the Virtual LAN ID settings were missing from the HII menu.

Keywords: Virtual LAN Mode, Virtual LAN ID, HII

Discovered in Version: 14.15.19

Fixed in Release: 14.16.17


Description: Fixed an issue which limited the Number of Virtual Functions Supported to 126 after restore to default.

Keywords: Number of Virtual Functions Supported

Discovered in Release: 14.11.28

Fixed in Release: 14.12.20


Description: Fixed Hii ExtractConfig to handle <ConfigHdr> without <BlockName>

Keywords: Hii ExtractConfig

Discovered in Release: 14.10.16

Fixed in Release: 14.11.28


Description: Enabled a persistent virtual MAC reboot.

Keywords: MAC reboot

Discovered in Release: 14.10.16

Fixed in Release: 14.11.28