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Inside the container, the directory /config contains the configuration files for the UFM telemetry application. The file launch_ibdiagnet_config.ini is the main configuration file.

The basic configurations of launch_ibdiagnet_config.ini are listed in the following table.

SectionKeyTypeDefault ValueDescription

ibdiagnet_enabledbooltrueEnable/disable run ibdiagnet process
data_dirString/dataDirectory in which UFM Telemetry data is placed
ibdiag_output_dirString/tmp/ibdDirectory in which ibdiagnet places files
sample_rateInt-Frequency of collecting ports counters data
hcaStringmlx5_2Card to use
app_nameString/opt/collectx/bin/ibdiagnetAllow user to specify full path of the ibdiagnet application if necessary
topology_modeStringdiscoverTopology policy
topology_discovery_factorInt0Every "n" iterations, do discovery, otherwise, use result from last run if 0 or 1

retention_enabledbooltrueEnable/disable retention service
retention_intervaltime1dInterval to wait before running the retention process
retention_agetime100dPeriod to reserve the collected data

retention_agebooltrueEnable/disable compression service
compression_intervaltime6hInterval to wait before running the compression service
compression_agetime12hPeriod to reserve the compressed data


Time to collect cable info data