NVIDIA BlueField-3 Networking Platform User Guide

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The thermal threshold definitions are described in the " NVIDIA BlueField-3 Networking Platform Product Specification " document. You can access the document either by logging into NVOnline or by contacting your NVIDIA representative.

The heatsink is attached to the DPU by three screws to dissipate the heat from the SoC.
The DPU SoC has a thermal shutdown safety mechanism that automatically shuts down the DPU in cases of high-temperature events, improper thermal coupling, or heatsink removal.

Refer to the table below for heatsink details per card configuration. For the required airflow (LFM) per OPN, please refer to Specifications.

DPU/SmartNIC Configuration


Maximum Dimensions


900-9D3B4-00EN-EA0, 900-9D3B4-00PN-EA0,

900-9D3B6-00CV-AA0, 900-9D3B6-00SV-AA0,

900-9D3B6-00CC-AA0, 900-9D3B6-00SC-AA0,

900-9D3B6-00CC-EA0, 900-9D3B6-00SC-EA0

Length, Width, Height: 139.6mm x 92.7mm x 10.2mm


900-9D3B6-00CN-AB0, 900-9D3B6-00SN-AB0

Length, Width, Height: 139.6mm x 92.7mm x 29.3mm

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