Document Revision History

NVIDIA BlueField-2 InfiniBand_Ethernet DPU User Guide



Aug. 2023

Jun. 2023

Added important notes on selected OPNs in Ordering Part Numbers and the Specifications chapter

Jun. 2023

May. 2023

Updated Specifications - added non-operational storage temperature specifications

Apr. 2023

Added device ID and PSID information in NVIDIA BlueField-2 InfiniBand/Ethernet DPU User Guide

Feb. 2023

Jan. 2023

Updated document title.

Dec. 2022

Updated Features and Benefits

Nov. 2022

Updated BlueField DPU Administrator Quick Start Guide

Oct. 2022

Added a warning to the following sections:

Sep. 2022

Updated the following sections:

July 2022

Updated the following sections:

Jun. 2022

Updated HHHL mechanical drawing.

Mar. 2022

Updated networking ports LED specifications.

Feb. 2022

Updated the Supported Servers and Power Cords with Cisco power cords.

Jan. 2022

  • Added Maximum trace length values.

  • Added PPS IN/OUT support to MBF2M516C-EESOT and MBF2M516C-EECOT.

Dec. 2021

Updated the NCSI interface pinouts

Oct. 2021

Added Custom UART Cable Installation instructions.

Sep. 2021

Updated System Requirements section.

Jun. 2021

  • In Supported Interfaces sections:

    • Updated mechanical drawing and USB section description

    • Added note that port cages of some cards operate in SFP28/QSFP28 mode by default

May 2021


  • Added FHHL 100GbE/EDR/HDR100 OPNs with Secure Boot enabled: MBF2M516A-EECOT, MBF2M516H-EECOT,

  • Added FHHL 100GbE/EDR OPNs with on-board BMC: MBF2M516C-EECOT, MBF2M516C-EESOT, MBF2H516C-EECOT, MBF2H516C-EESOT

  • Updated: Supported Interfaces, Pin Description, Troubleshooting, and Specifications pages

  • Added 1GbE OOB Management LEDs definition

  • Added DOC SDK pointer to Related Documentation on title page

Mar. 2021

  • Minor update in Ordering Part Numbers on title page

  • Added in Supported Interfaces a note that the External PCIe Power Supply Connector is present on FHHL P-Series DPUs only, and that it is not present on FHHL E-Series DPUs

  • Replaced the mechanical drawing of the FHHL bracket in Specifications

Feb. 2021

Updated eMMC size to 64GB

Dec. 2020

  • Updated the NCSI interface pinouts

  • Removed the UART interface from "Supported Interfaces"

  • Updated "Package Contents"

Dec. 2020

  • Updated the NCSI interface pinouts

  • Added "Supported Servers and Power Cords" chapter

Oct. 2020

First release

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