NVIDIA BlueField-2 SNAP for NVMe and Virtio-blk v3.8.0

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NVIDIA® BlueField® SNAP and virtio-blk SNAP (Storage-defined Network Accelerated Processing) technology enables hardware-accelerated virtualization of local storage. NVMe/virtio-blk SNAP presents networked storage as a local block-storage-device such as an SSD, emulating a local drive on the PCIe bus. The host OS/hypervisor uses its standard storage driver, unaware that communication is done, not with a physical drive, but with NVMe/virtio-blk SNAP framework. Any logic may be applied to the I/O requests or to the data via the NVMe/virtio-blk SNAP framework prior to redirecting the request and/or data over a fabric-based network to remote or local storage targets.

NVMe/virtio-blk SNAP is based on NVIDIA® BlueField-2 DPU family technology and combines unique hardware-accelerated storage virtualization with the advanced networking and programmability capabilities of the DPU. NVMe/virtio-blk SNAP together with the BlueField DPU enable a world of applications addressing storage and networking efficiency and performance.


The traffic from a host-emulated PCIe device is redirected to its matching storage controller opened on the mlnx_snap service. The controller, from its side, holds at least one open backend device (usually SPDK block device). When a command is received, the controller executes it. Admin commands are answered immediately, while I/O commands are redirected to the backend device for processing. The request handling pipeline is completely asynchronous and the workload is distributed across all Arm cores (allocated to SPDK application) to achieve the best performance.

The following are key concepts for SNAP:

  • Full flexibility in fabric/transport/protocol (e.g. NVMe-oF/iSCSI/other, RDMA/TCP, ETH/IB)

  • NVMe and virtio-blk emulation support

  • Easy data manipulation

  • Using Arm cores for data path


BlueField SNAP/virtio-blk SNAP are licensed software. Users must purchase a license per BlueField device to use them.

Libsnap is a common library designed to assist in common tasks for applications wishing to interact with emulated hardware over BlueField DPUs and take the most advantage from the hardware capabilities. As such, libsnap exposes a simple API for the upper layer application to create, modify, query, and destroy different emulation objects, such PCIe BAR management, emulated queues etc.

In addition, the library provides a set of helper functions to perform efficient DMA transactions between host and DPU memory.

SNAP application makes extensive usage of the libsnap library for resource management and efficient DMA operations required by the storage controllers.

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