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Description: If the DPU OS's OOB interface is disabled, it may lead to an issue that results in the DPU BMC losing network connectivity. This problem arises when the UEFI enables the OOB port (e.g., PXE, Redfish), but the OS does not load the necessary services and OOB kernel driver. In this scenario, the physical link remains active despite the OS driver not functioning, causing the hardware queue to become filled. Consequently, flow control pause packets are sent to the onboard 3-port switch, which may eventually lead to the DPU BMC losing its network connectivity.

Discovered in version: 23.07-3


Description: If the NIC BMC boots with non-default network configuration under /run/initramfs/rw/cow/etc/systemd/network/*, then the dedicated VLAN 4040 which supports the Redfish host interface with the UEFI BIOS device is not created.

Discovered in version: 23.07-3

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