Changes and New Features


For an archive of changes and features from previous releases, please refer to "Change Log History".

  • NVIDIA® BlueField®-3 Redfish enhancements:
    • Included phosphor-logging entry for dumping /dev/rshim/misc messages
    • Implemented Redfish-based firmware configuration for switching between BlueField DPU mode and NIC mode for BlueField-3
    • Added an OEM API for enabling/disabling BMC RShim, offering more control over this critical component
  • Enhanced debuggability for the DPU BMC which includes the ability to store DPU console/serial logs for troubleshooting and analysis
  • Deployment of a more restrictive firewall policy to enhance system security
  • Added power-capping control capabilities from the DPU BMC, providing greater power management flexibility
  • Added an OEM API for key-based authentication
  • Incorporated the wget application into the BMC OS
  • Enhanced the system with the ability to enable\disable the DPU OOB port using IPMI commands
  • Removed DPU BMC SMBus master capabilities
  • CEC1736 EC firmware upgrade to version 00.02.0152.0000 – the boot completion timeout for CEC1736 has been increased from 2 minutes to 8 minutes in this version to ensure that the BMC completes its boot process within the allotted time. If the BMC fails to boot within that period, the CEC1736 initiates a reset of the BMC.

    This change may lead to undesired system behavior:

    • If a new BMC firmware update is in progress during this period, the CEC1736 reverts to the previous version of the BMC firmware
    • If the BMC fails to provide six boot complete indications, the CEC1736 interrupts the BMC boot process, necessitating a full reset cycle to recover the DPU BMC
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