Table of Common Commands


Changing the default BMC passwordChanging default password using RedfishN/A
Changing the default UEFI passwordChanging UEFI PasswordN/A
Enabling/disabling secure bootSetting Secure Boot StateN/A
Updating BMC firmwareBMC and CEC firmware updateN/A
Updating DPU BFBPushing BFB from BMC to BlueField ArmN/A
Configuring DPU to network boot from the out-of-band interface firstBoot Config Using RedfishBoot Config Using IPMI
Resetting DPUReset control
Resetting DPU BMCReset control using RedfishReset control using IPMI
Factory resetFactory Reset Redfish CommandFactory Reset IPMI Command
Getting DPU versionsSystem inventoryN/A
Getting DPU BMC versionsRetrieving BMC version using RedfishRetrieving BMC version using IPMI command
Getting high-speed ports MAC addresses for mapping DPUs' Ethernet devicesChassis Card1 NetworkAdaptersList of IPMI Supported FRUs
User managementUser management Redfish commandsUser management IPMI commands
Enabling secure boot with customer keysBIOS secure boot configurationN/A
Enabling/disabling zero-trust modeN/AEnable/disable RShim from Host
Enabling RShim from DPU BMCEnable RShim on DPU BMCEnable RShim
Changing DPU modeRedfish NIC Subsystem ManagementChanging operation mode

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