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Description: It is not possible to modify the values of the BootOrder, BootOverride, and Secure Boot attributes from the UEFI menu because they are set by default to be configured from Redfish interface.

Fixed in version: 23.09


Description: After performing BF BMC factory reset, the /home/root/.ssh directory is deleted which causes the first attempt to confirm the host identity and initiate a BFB update procedure to fail while displaying the error message:


"Host is unknown"

Fixed in version: 23.09


Description: VLAN 4040 serves as a dedicated VLAN for facilitating Redfish communication between UEFI and DPU BMC. However, if the OOB RJ45 port is connected to an unmanaged switch or hub, the VLAN traffic from VLAN 4040 may spill over into the broader LAN network which may lead the local UEFI to unintentionally communicate with a remote BMC instead of the intended local BMC.

Fixed in version: 23.09


Description: Rarely, it is possible for the BMC to exceed the boot timeout set by the root of trust. In such case, the RoT initiates a second reboot of the BMC, which is expected to result in a successful boot.

Fixed in version: 23.09


Description: In the uncommon scenario where, following a system power cycle, the DPU fails to boot successfully, the BMC would be unable to retrieve network data from the DPU's operating system. This leads to an absence of information in the Redfish chassis schema, which is responsible for describing the network adapters.

Fixed in version: 23.09


Description: Description: In dual-port DPU, the DPU's Redfish schema, specifically the "chassis NetworkAdapters", will replicate the data from port 1 into port 2.

Fixed in version : 23.09


Description: If the DPU OS's OOB interface is disabled, it may lead to an issue that results in the DPU BMC losing network connectivity. This problem arises when the UEFI enables the OOB port (e.g., PXE, Redfish), but the OS does not load the necessary services and OOB kernel driver. In this scenario, the physical link remains active despite the OS driver not functioning, causing the hardware queue to become filled. Consequently, flow control pause packets are sent to the onboard 3-port switch, which may eventually lead to the DPU BMC losing its network connectivity.

Fixed in version : 23.09


Description: If the NIC BMC boots with non-default network configuration under /run/initramfs/rw/cow/etc/systemd/network/*, then the dedicated VLAN 4040 which supports the Redfish host interface with the UEFI BIOS device is not created.

Fixed in version : 23.09


Description: dmidecode output does not match "ipmitool fru print" output.

Fixed in version : 23.07


Description: A power cycle of the system might result in BMC MAC change.

Fixed in version: 2.8.2-34


Description: IPMI LAN print does not work in stateful DHCPv6.

Fixed in version: 2.8.2


Description: SOL console receives a garbage message when it is connected.

Fixed in version: 2.8.2


Description: PXE boot via OOB interface enters grub mode when cold rebooting the x86 host against BFB version 3.7.0.

Fixed in version: 2.8.2

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