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Description: Failure to ssh to Arm via 1GbE OOB interface is experienced after performing warm reboot on the DPU.

Keywords: SSH; reboot

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: BSP build number (fourth digit in version number) does not appear in UEFI menu.

Keywords: UEFI; software

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: Following many power cycles on the BlueField DPU, the virtio-net controller may fail to start with the error failed to register epoll in the log.

Keywords: Virtio-net; power cycle; epoll

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: Enabled reset on MMC to enhance recovery on error.

Keywords: MMC; reset

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: The PKA engine is not working on CentOS 7.6 due to multiple OpenSSL versions (1.0.2k 1.1.1k) being installed and the library loader not selecting the correct version of the openssl library.

Keywords: PKA; OpenSSL

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: On virtio-net devices with LSO (large send offload) enabled, bogus packets may be captured on the SF representor when running heavy iperf traffic.

Keywords: Virtio-net; iperf

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: OpenSSL is not working with PKA engine on CentOS 7.6 with 4.23 5.4 5.10 kernels due to multiple versions of OpenSSL(1.0.2k and 1.1.1k) are installed.

Keywords: OpenSSL; PKA

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: 699140280000 OPN is not supported.

Keywords: SKU; support

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: Populate the vGIC maintenance interrupt number in MADT to avoid harmless

Keywords: Error

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: The timer frequency is measured using the c0 fmon feature causing new kernels to complain if CNTFRQ_EL0 has a different value on different cores.

Keywords: Timer frequency

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: Memory info displayed via dmidecode is not correct for memory sizes 32G and above.

Keywords: Memory; dmidecode

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: A customized BFB with an older kernel does not support bond speed above 200Gb/s.

Keywords: Bond; LAG; speed

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: DCBX configuration may not take effect.

Keywords: DCBX; QoS; lldpad

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: Hotplug/unplug of virtio-net devices during host shutdown/bootup may result in failure to do plug/unplug.

Keywords: Virtio-net, hotplug

Discovered in version: 3.8.0

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