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Issue Description


Description: A dmseg is printed due to the OVS bridge interface being configured DOWN by default.

Keyword: OVS

Reported in version: 4.2.0


Description: For non-LSO data, a max chain of 4 descriptors is posted onto the send queue resulting in a partial packet going out on the wire.

Keyword: Send; LSO

Reported in version: 4.2.0


Description: NVMe and mlx5_core drivers fail during BFB installation. As a result, Anolis OS cannot be installed on the SSD and the mlxfwreset command does not work during Anolis BFB installation.

Keyword: Linux; NVMe; BFB installation

Reported in version: 4.2.0


Description: When LSO is enabled, if the header and data appear in the same fragment, the following warning is given from tcpdump:


truncated-ip - 9 bytes missing

Keyword: Virtio-net; large send offload

Reported in version: 4.2.0


Description: "dmidecode" output does not match "ipmitool fru print" output

Keywords: IPMI; print

Reported in version: 4.2.0

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