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Description: Virtio-net-controller recovery may not work for a hot-plugged device because the system assigns a BDF (string identifier) of 0 for the hot-plugged device, which is an invalid value.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: Virtio-net; hotplug; recovery

Discovered in version: 3.7.1


Description: External host reboot may also reboot the Arm cores if the DPU was configured using mlxconfig.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: Non-volatile configuration; Arm; reboot

Discovered in version:


Description: Eye-opening is not supported on 25GbE integrated-BMC BlueField-2 DPU card.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: Firmware, eye-opening

Discovered in version: 3.7.1


Description: Virtio full emulation is not supported by NVIDIA® BlueField®-2 multi-host cards.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: Virtio full emulation; multi-host

Discovered in version: 3.8.0


Description: After BFB installation, Linux crash may occur with efi_call_rts messages in the call trace which can be seen from the UART console.

Workaround: Power cycle the setup and re-install the BFB.

Keywords: Linux crash; efi_call_rts

Discovered in version: 3.8.0


Description: Relaxed ordering is not working properly on virtual functions.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: MLNX_OFED; relaxed ordering; VF

Discovered in version: 3.8.5


Description: On rare occasions, the UEFI variables in UVPS EEPROM are wiped out which hangs the boot process at the UEFI menu.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: UEFI; hang

Discovered in version: N/A


Description: At rare occasions d uring Arm reset o n BMC-integrated DPUs , the DPU will send "PCIe Completion" marked as poisoned. Some servers treat that as fatal and may hang.

Keywords: Arm reset; BMC integrated

Discovered in version: 3.7.1


Description: RShim driver does not work when the host is in secure boot mode.

Keywords: RShim; Secure Boot

Discovered in version: 3.8.5


Description: PCIe device address to RDMA device name mapping on x86 host may change after the driver restarts in Arm.

Keywords: RDMA; Arm; driver

Discovered in version: 3.8.5


Description: Pushing the BFB image fails occasionally with a "bad magic number" error message showing up in the console.

Keywords: BFB push; installation

Discovered in version: 3.6.0


Description: SLD detection may not function properly.

Keywords: Firmware

Discovered in version: 3.8.5

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