Changes and New Features


For an archive of changes and features from previous releases, refer to Release Notes Change Log History.


Currently, NVIDIA® BlueField®-2 DPU supports configuring network ports as either Ethernet only or InfiniBand only.


This is the last release to offer GA support for first-generation NVIDIA® BlueField® DPUs.

  • Added support for NIC mode of operation

  • Added password protection to change boot parameters in GRUB menu

  • Added IB support for DOCA runtime and dev environment

  • Implemented RShim PF interrupts

  • Virtio-net-controller is split to 2 processes for fast recovery after service restart

  • Added support for live virtio-net controller upgrade instead of performing a full restart

  • Expanded BlueField-2 PCIe bus number range to 254 (0-253)

  • Added a new CAP field, log_max_queue_depth (value can be set to 2K/4K), to indicate the maximal NVMe SQ and CQ sizes supported by firmware. This can be used by NVMe controllers or by non-NVMe drivers which do not rely on NVMe CAP field.

  • Added ability for the RShim driver to still work when the host is in secure boot mode

  • Added bfb-info command which provides the breakdown of the software components bundled in the BFB package

  • Added support for rate limiting VF groups

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