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Description: Intermittent UEFI/grub exception after many power-cycles:


Call Stack: Synchronous Exception at 0xF4B72E0C   ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF4B72E0C ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF4B72E70 ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF4B73570 ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF4B74904 ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF4F04444 ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF4F044F8 ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF4F05160 ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF4F02030 ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xFDFC3A38 (0xFDFB0000+0x13A38) [ 1] DxeCore.dll ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF56E3594 (0xF56D4000+0xF594) [ 2] BdsDxe.dll ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF56F1FFC (0xF56D4000+0x1DFFC) [ 2] BdsDxe.dll ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xF56F40D4 (0xF56D4000+0x200D4) [ 2] BdsDxe.dll ERR[UEFI]: PC=0xFDFC6E50 (0xFDFB0000+0x16E50) [ 3] DxeCore.dll ERR[UEFI]: PC=0x880092E0 ERR[UEFI]: PC=0x8800947C ERR[UEFI]: X0=0x0 X1=0xF4B78FC3 X2=0xE X3=0x0 ERR[UEFI]: X4=0x0 X5=0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF8 X6=0x0 X7=0xFFFFFFF5 ERR[UEFI]: X8=0xF4B79480 X9=0x2 X10=0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF X11=0xFFFFDC00

Keyword: Security

Reported in version: 4.2.1


Description: On a reboot following BFB install, the error message "Boot Image update completed, Status: Volume Corrupt" is observed. The error is non-functional and may be safely ignored.

Keyword: Software provisioning; EFI capsule update; eMMC boot partitions

Reported in version: 4.2.1


Description: The first uplink representor interface may not be renamed to p0 from ethX.

Keyword: Representors

Reported in version: 4.2.1


Description: Fixed base address of static ICM.

Keyword: ICM

Reported in version: 4.2.1


Description: On BlueField-3, when booting virtio-net emulation device using a GRUB2 bootloader, the bootloader may attempt to close and re-open the virtio-net device. This can result in unexpected behavior and possible system failure to boot.

Keywords: BlueField-3; virtio-net; UEFI

Reported in version: 4.0.2


Description: Different OVS-based packages can include their own systemd services which prevents /sbin/mlnx_bf_configure from identifying the right one.

Keywords: OVS; systemd

Reported in version: 4.0.2

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