Legal Notices and 3rd Party Licenses

DPU Software ComponentsVersion3rd Party Components and Licenses
DOCA SDK2.5.0Link
SoC OS Linux Ubuntu 22.04 Distro5.15.0-1032-bluefieldLink
SoC OS Linux Ubuntu 20.04 Distro5.4.0-1076-bluefieldLink
BSP – ATF4.5.0Link
BSP – UEFI (EDK2)4.5.0Link
BMC – BlueField-323.10Link
BMC – BlueField-223.10Link
Virtio Network Controller1.7.8Link
Storage drivers – MLNX LibSnap and virtio-blk1.6.0-1Link
Storage drivers – MLNX SNAP and SPDK3.8.0-3Link
NVIDIA MLNX_OFED License23.10Link
NVIDIA MLNX_OFED 3rd Party Notice23.10Link
NVIDIA MFT License4.26.1Link
MFT 3rd Party Notice4.26.1Link
NVIDIA MLNX_DPDK22.11.2310.2.0Link

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