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Issue Description


Description: When enrolling a certificate to the UEFI DB, a failure message ERROR: Unsupported file type! is displayed when the DB was full.

Keyword: SNAP; UEFI

Reported in version: 4.5.0


Description: Ipmitool from DPU OS toward the DPU BMC is failing to open /dev/ipmi0 or /dev/ipmi1/0 error.

Keyword: Ipmitool

Reported in version: 4.5.0


Description: In secure boot user mode, self-signed db certs, and self-signed dbx certs cannot be enrolled via Redfish.

Keyword: Secure boot

Reported in version: 4.5.0


Description: When the I2C EEPROM is no longer available (e.g., EOF), data loss (e.g., MFG data loss, etc.) is not optimal for the system to function properly.

Keyword: EEPROM

Reported in version: 4.5.0

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