Bug Fixes In This Version

NVIDIA BlueField DPU BSP v4.7.0

For an archive of bug fixes from previous releases, please see "Bug Fixes History".

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Issue Description


Description: Kubernetes official repository changed location and it causes apt/yum failures on the BlueField OSes older than BSP 4.7.0 (DOCA 2.7.0).

Keywords: Kubernetes; OS

Reported in version: 4.6.0


Description: The location of the official Kubernetes repository changed, causing apt/yum failures.

Keywords: Kubernetes

Reported in version: 4.6.0


Description: Virtio-net may see TX timeout on specific queues.

Keywords: Emulated devices

Reported in version: 4.6.0


Description: BMC components update fails while using default BMC root password.

Keywords: BMC; update

Reported in version: 4.6.0


Description: When enrolling a certificate to the UEFI DB, the failure message "ERROR: Unsupported file type!" is displayed when the DB was full.

Keywords: SNAP; UEFI; error

Reported in version: 4.5.0


Description: Host PCIe driver hangs when hot plugging a device due to SF creation and error flow handling failure.

Keywords: Subfunction; hot-plug

Reported in version: 4.5.0


Description: On rare occasions, OP-TEE may panic upon boot.

Keywords: fTPM over OP-TEE

Reported in version: 4.5.0


Description: On rare occasions, the devices /dev/tpm0 and /dev/tpmrm0 are not created triggering an fTPM panic during boot. This message indicates that the fTPM over OP-TEE feature is not functional.

Keywords: fTPM over OP-TEE

Reported in version: 4.5.0


Description: The following fTMP over OP-TEE error appears when booting BlueField:


ftpm-tee PRP0001:01: ftpm_tee_probe: tee_client_open_session failed, err=ffff3024

Keywords: fTPM over OP-TEE

Reported in version: 4.5.0


Description: The following bfscripts have been deprecated and may no longer work as expected: bfinst, bfdracut, bfacpievt. These scripts are no longer supported and will eventually be removed. Warning logs have been added to notify users.

Keywords: Deprecated bfscripts

Reported in version: 4.5.0


Description: When moving to DPU mode from NIC mode, it is necessary to reinstall the BFB and perform a graceful reboot to the DPU by shutting down the Arm cores before rebooting the host system.

Keywords: NIC mode

Reported in version: 4.2.2


Description: Running mlxfwreset on BlueField-3 may cause the external host to crash when the RShim driver is running on that host.

Keywords: RShim; mlxfwreset

Reported in version: 4.2.1


Description: mlxfwreset is not supported in this release.

Keywords: mlxfwreset; support

Reported in version: 4.0.2

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