Changes and New Features

NVIDIA BlueField DPU BSP v4.7.0

For an archive of changes and features from previous releases, refer to Release Notes Change Log History.


NVIDIA® BlueField ® DPUs support configuring network ports as either Ethernet only or InfiniBand only .

  • Added support for new BlueField reset and reboot procedures for loading new firmware and firmware configuration changes which replace previous need for server power cycle

  • Updated the default operation mode of SuperNICs to NIC mode (from DPU mode). This is relevant to the following SKUs:

    • 900-9D3B4-00CC-EA0

    • 900-9D3B4-00SC-EA0

    • 900-9D3B4-00CV-EA0

    • 900-9D3B4-00SV-EA0

    • 900-9D3B4-00EN-EA0

    • 900-9D3B4-00PN-EA0

    • 900-9D3D4-00EN-HA0

    • 900-9D3D4-00NN-HA0


      When upgrading one of these SuperNICs to 2.7.0, if its mode of operation was changed at any point in the past, then the last configured mode of operation will remain unchanged. Otherwise, the SuperNIC will rise in NIC operation mode.

  • Installing the BFB Bundle now performs NIC firmware update by default

  • Added ability to install NIC firmware and BMC software in NIC mode in NVIDIA® BlueField®-3.


    It is important to note the following:

    • During BFB Bundle installation, Linux is expected to boot to upgrade NIC firmware and BMC software

    • As Linux is booting during BFB Bundle installation, it is expected for the mlx5 core driver to timeout on the BlueField Arm

    • During the BFB Bundle installation, it is expected for the mlx5 driver to error messages on the x86 host. These prints may be ignored as they are resolved by a mandatory, post-installation power cycle.

    • It is mandatory to power cycle the host after the installation is complete for the changes to take effect

  • Software packaging – new BlueField firmware bundle package (bf-fwbundle-<version>.prod.bfb), a smaller image for Day 2 upgrades, without the OS and DOCA runtime. Includes ATF, UEFI, nic-fw, bmc-fw, and eROT only.

  • Improved BlueField BMC robustness –

    • Report LLDP for L2 discovery via Redfish

    • Improved BlueField DPU debuggability

  • Increased support for virtio-net VF devices on BlueField-3 networking platforms to 2K

  • Reduced power consumption for BlueField NIC mode

  • RAS

    • Report DDR Error to OS, including both single-bit ECC error and UCE error

    • Support error injection in processors, memory, and PCIe devices

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