Changes and New Feature History

NVIDIA ConnectX-5 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v16.35.3502 LTS

This section includes history of changes and new feature of 3 major releases back. For older releases history, please refer to the relevant firmware versions.




Using NC-SI Commands for Debugging PCI Link Failures

Implemented a new NC-SI command get_debug_info to get mstdump via the NC-SI protocol to debug a device if the PCI link fails for any given reason.

Enable/Disable RDMA via the UEFI HII System Settings

Added support for Enabling/Disabling NIC and RDMA (port/partition) via the UEFI HII system settings.

Note: Values set in this option only take effect when is Ethernet mode.

Increased the Maximum Number of MSIX per VF

Increased the maximum number of MSIX per VF to 127.
Note that increasing the number of MSIX per VF (NUM_VF_MSIX) affects the configured number of VFs (NUM_OF_VFS). The firmware may reduce the configured number of MSIX per VF and/or the number of VFs with respect to maximum number of MSIX vectors supported by the device (MAX_TOTAL_MSIX).

Adaptive Routing (AR): multi_path, data_in_order

Added a new bit ("data_in_order") to query the QP and allow a process/library to detect when the AR is enabled.

flex_parser for GENEVE Hardware Offloadand ICMP

Added a new flex parser to support GENEVE hardware offloadand ICMP.


When the non-page-supplier-FLR funcion is initiated, the firmware triggers a page event to the page supplier to indicate that all pages should be returned for the FLR function.

Pages are returned by the driver to the kernel without issuing the MANAGE_PAGES commands to the firmare.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes section.


Performance: Steering

Added support for a new NV config mode“icm_cache_mode_large_scale_steering” that enables less cache misses and improves performance for cases when working with many steering rules.
This capability is enabled using the mlxconfig parameter"ICM_CACHE_MODE" .

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes section.


Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes section.


Ethernet wqe_too_small Mode

Added a new counter per vPort that counts the number of packets that reached the Ethernet RQ but cannot fit into the WQE due to their large size. Additionally, we added the option to control if such packet will cause “CQE with Error” or “CQE_MOCK”.


Added support for the cq_overrun counter. The counter represents the number of times CQs enter an error state due to overflow that occur when the device tries to post a CQE into a full CQ buffer.

Pause Frames from VFs

[Beta] Enabled the capability to allow Virtual Functions to send Pause Frames packets.


Enabled 10/25GbE auto-sensing with 3rd party when using 10/25GbE optical cables.

Steering Dump

Hardware steering dump output used for debugging and troubleshooting.

Please see Known Issue 2213356 for its limitations.



Added support for Rate-Select on SFP+ (AFBR-57F5UMZ-EP1) cables to raise 10GbE link speed.


Added a new NC-SI command (get_device_id) to report a unique device identifier.


Added new NC-SI commands (get_lldp_nb, set_lldp_nb) to query the current status of LLDP and to enable/disable it.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes.


Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes.


Power Consumption

Added mlxconfig support for power reduction:




Added the following segments, as appeared in the PRM, to the Resource Dump:





NC-SI 1.2 New Command

Implemented the following new command from NS-SI 1.2 specification:

  • Get PF Assignment

Parallel VF init/Teardown Performance Optimization

Improved init_hca performance in Parallel Function initialization.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes.

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