NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Dx Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v22.41.1000
NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Dx Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v22.41.1000

Changes and New Features


SR-IOV - Virtual Functions (VF) per Port - The maximum Virtual Functions (VF) per port is 127. For further information, see Known Issues.


It is recommended to enable the “above 4G decoding” BIOS setting for features that require large amount of PCIe resources.

Such features are: SR-IOV with numerous VFs, PCIe Emulated Switch, and Large BAR Requests.


Security Hardening Enhancements: This release contains important reliability improvements and security hardening enhancements. NVIDIA recommends upgrading your devices' firmware to this release to improve the devices’ firmware security and reliability.




Unify Rx/Tx Table Domains in FDB

The new unified_fdb subdomain simplifies the FDB model by eliminating the need to duplicate rules for RX and TX tables. This domain is directionless, meaning no RX/TX specific actions are allowed. Firmware now handlea packet transitions IN and OUT of the unified domain, allowing for a more streamlined packet flow management.

Software can now transition between unified_fdb and FDB_RX/FDB_TX domains as long as the packet maintains the same direction, without the risk of dropping the packet when crossing between RX and TX.

TRNG FIPS Compliance

Implemented Deterministic Random Bit Generator (DRBG) algorithm on top of firmware TRNG (the source for raw data input) in accordance with NIST SP800-90A.

vDPA Live Migration

Added support for vDPA virtual queue state change from suspend to ready, and discrete mkey for descriptor. vDPA Live Migration uses these two new capabilities to reduce downtime since vq can go back to ready state for traffic and descriptor-only-mkey can help reduce mkey mapping time.

64M Active Connections

Added the ability to generate up to 2^30 STE objects through the general object creation command.


Added a new NVConfig option to copy AR bit from the BTH header to the DHCP header.


Added the option provide field's offset and length in Steering add_action option.

Steering Match

Added support for steering match on packet l4_type through FTG/FTE.

Flex Parser Merge Mechanism

Extended Flex Parser merge mechanism to support hardware capabilities.

Flex Parser

Enabled the option to disable the native parser when the parse graph node is configured with the same conditions.

Flex Parser

Added support for father/son headers parsing.


Added support for tunnel_offload in LRO.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version section.

Unsupported Features

The following advanced feature are unsupported in the current firmware version:

  • The following service types:

    • SyncUMR

    • Mellanox transport

    • RAW IPv6

  • INT-A not supported for EQs only MSI-X

  • PCI VPD write flow (RO flow supported)

  • Streaming Receive Queue (STRQ) and collapsed CQ

  • Subnet Manager (SM) on VFs

  • RoCE LAG in Multi-Host/Socket-Direct

Unsupported Commands





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