NVIDIA ConnectX-7 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v28.41.1000
NVIDIA ConnectX-7 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v28.41.1000

Changes and New Features




ODP Event

Added support for the following prefetch fields on ODP event: pre_demand_fault_pages, post_demand_fault_pages.

TRNG FIPS Compliance

Implemented Deterministic Random Bit Generator (DRBG) algorithm on top of firmware TRNG (the source for raw data input) in accordance with NIST SP800-90A.

400GbE, Single-Port, OSFP to OSPF-RHS cable

Added support for 400GbE speed (8X50G) in Single-Port OSFP adapter cards including link training and auto-negotiation when connecting OSFP to OSPF-RHS cables.


Added support for PSP in Hardware Steering.


Added a new NVConfig option to copy AR bit from the BTH header to the DHCP header.


Added the option provide field's offset and length in Steering add_action option.

Steering Match

Added support for steering match on packet l4_type through FTG/FTE.

Packet's Flow Label Fields

Added support for setting, adding or copying the flow_label fields from the packet.

BAR Pages

Added support for 64KB pages.

Note: Configuring BAR_PAGE_ALIGNMENT to ALIGN_64KB(2) while one of the following is configured will cause the device to ignore the BAR_PAGE_ALIGNMENT configuration:

  • PF_NUM_PF_MSIX>256 on any of the Physical Functions


Flex Parser Merge Mechanism

Extended Flex Parser merge mechanism to support hardware capabilities.

Flex Parser

Enabled the option to disable the native parser when the parse graph node is configured with the same conditions.

Flex Parser

Added support for father/son headers parsing.


Added support for tunnel_offload in LRO.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes in this Firmware Version section.

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