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Description: Fixed the issue where performance of some applications was lower compared with HPC-X v2.10 and earlier.

Keywords: Performance

Discovered in Version: 2.12

Fixed in Version: 2.13


Description: Fixed the issue of when the client application used more than 1024 file descriptors (range limit defined by FD_SETSIZE), libsharp was prevented from using any more file descriptors. Using poll() instead of select() enables using the full range of allowed file descriptors by Linux.

Keywords: File descriptor; libsharp; HCOLL; HPC-X

Discovered in Version: 2.12

Fixed in Version: 2.13


Description: Fixed Data Integrity failure in Broadcast when using sparse subarray data type in OMPI with hcoll library by using the TRUE extent of the datatype, which includes any additional padding the datatype may require.

Keywords: OMPI; HCOLL; data integrity

Discovered in Version: 1.12

Fixed in Version: 2.13

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