NVIDIA HPC-X Software Toolkit Rev 2.19.0
NVIDIA HPC-X Software Toolkit Rev 2.19.0

Changes and New Features

HPC-X current version provides the following changes and new features:

Rev 2.19.0

HPC-X Content

Updated HPC-X Content section to reflect the communication libraries versions embedded in this HPC-X release.

  • NVIDIA SHARP v3.7.0

  • UCC v13.0

  • ClusterKit v1.13

  • Added OSU Micro-Benchmarks v7.3

  • nccl-rdma-sharp-plugin v2.6

UCC Grace Support and Performance Profile

Added performance improvements of broadcast and reduce collectives on NVIDIA Grace CPU by optimizing parameters of shared memory transport (TL/SHM).

Unified Collective Communication (UCC)

Added the CPU/GPU Bcast feature which implements the MCAST Bcast algorithm in UCC. Refer to Unified Collective Communication (UCC).

Unified Communication - X Framework Library

Added the on-demand paging feature. Refer to On-demand Paging (ODP)


Added the CPU/GPU stress testing feature. Refer to ClusterKit

Known Issues

See Known Issues.

Bug Fixes

See Bug Fixes in this Version.

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