InfiniBand Cluster Bring-up Procedure
InfiniBand Cluster Bring-up Procedure

Confirming Topology Using UFM GUI

The integrity of the topology is essential to ensure the reliability and performance of the network. In this step we ensure the physically deployed topology matches the original design.

For the bring-up procedure, we will do it as a custom comparison. For maintenance, you can do it also as a periodic comparison. For further information, see UFM user manual - Periodic Topology Comparison.

Custom comparison compares user-defined topology with the current fabric topology. UFM compares the current fabric topology to a topology snapshot (of the same setup) and reports any differences between them.

To be able to use the UFM topology comparison mechanism, first you need to create a TOPO file that defines the desired topology of the fabric. For further information refer to Creating a Topology File.

Once the TOPO file is created, you can use the topology comparison mechanism to compare the current fabric topology to the one in the TOPO file and view their differences (if found).

To perform topology comparison, do the following using Web UI:

  • Access the System Health tab on the left menu

  • Access the Topology Compare tab

  • Access the Custom Comparisons tab

  • Click on Compare Latest Topology and choose With Custom Topology


  • Load topology file


  • Review the report


For further information, see UFM user manual - Topology comparison.

For topology comparison using REST API, see UFM user manual - Topology comparison REST API.

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