InfiniBand Cluster Bring-up Procedure
InfiniBand Cluster Bring-up Procedure

UFM Fabric Health

UFM fabric health report contains the results of a series of checks that run on the fabric.

The report displays, the following:

  • A report summary table of the errors and warnings generated by the report

  • A fabric summary of the devices and ports in the fabric

  • Details of the results of each check run by the report

To generate fabric health report and verifying all sections are green, perform the following steps using Web UI:

  • Access the "System Health" tab on the left menu

    • Under "Fabric Health"

      • Click on "Run New Report" under the "Fabric Health" section

      • check all checkboxes


      • Confirm that all fields are indicating green status

      • For detailed instructions, refer Fabric Health Tab

    • Under "Fabric Validation"

      • Run the available tests

      • Verify the outcomes as either "Pass" or "Completed with No Errors"

      • For detailed instructions, see Fabric Validation Tab

    • Furthermore, it is recommended to conduct remote REST API tests from a remote node. This can be done using the REST APIs described in the following links:

Expected report, without errors and alarms:


Example of errors and alarms in the health report:


For errors and alarms, see UFM Events and Alarms and contact NVIDIA Support.

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