Changes and New Features

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.7
Upstream Kernel 6.7
Internal Ref.FeatureDescriptionSupport Added in User Space VersionSupport Added in Firmware Version
ASAP Features
3562445Aggregated Port Speed During Rate Configuration

[ConnectX-5 Dx and above] Added support for functions (PF,VF,SF) to utilize the maximum aggregated link speed for transmission when LAG is configured.

In this case, the aggregated link speed of both ports, rather than the max link speed of single one, is considered when using devlink rate and tc-matchall to limit the transmission speed.

Core Features
3414893SF Creation Time Optimization[ConnectX-4 and above] Added a feature that reduces SF creation time from 2.4s to < 500ms. SF creation time per device was 2.4s before, which is unacceptable for large scale applications (1k ~ 2k SFs).N/A24.38.xxxx and 32.38.xxxx
3375076Synchronous SF activation[ConnectX-5 and above] Added devlink-nested to show relationships between devlink instances through devlink dev show/devlink port show commands. Devlink SF activate command returns before finished to enable partial parallelization of SFs activation and reduce time. Devlink port show can be used to see when SFs are activated. In SFs case, it shows the relationship between SF auxiliary device devlink instance and the E-switch representor devlink port.iproute2N/A
3283517Image Live Migration[ConnectX-7] Added a feature that enables live migration support for image size above 4GB. This is achieved by reading/writing the device state from/to the FW in a chunk mode (i.e. small part per read/write) instead of reading/writing the full image at once.N/A28.39.1002
NetDev Features
3358686Increase netdev Interface max num Channels[ConnectX-4 and above] Added a feature that bumps the software upper bound of the netdev max channels from 128 to 256. This is relevant for systems with a high number of cores.N/AN/A
Steering Features
3416340Multicast bridges offload

[ConnectX-6 DX and above] Added the support for multicast bridges' offload. Multicast packets will be offloaded by the HW and will not go up to the kernel stuck.

The feature is enabled according to FW support.


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