Manual GRPC API usage

You can use GRPC API from any host which complies with following:

  • host has network access to universe API gateway

  • grpcurl tool is installed on the host

  • jq tool is available on the host

  • ~/universe-grpc-workspace/api_gw_certs.json file should be available on the host, check Generate certificate for cloud admin for details

  • GRPC Proto files from universe-api repo are available on the host

cd ~/universe-grpc-workspace cat api_gw_certs.json | jq -r ".data.issuing_ca" > ca.crt cat api_gw_certs.json | jq -r ".data.certificate" > admin.crt cat api_gw_certs.json | jq -r ".data.private_key" > admin.key # all files should contain data cat admin.crt admin.key ca.crt # clone universe-api repo git clone -b main # copy protofiles to workspace folder cp -r universe-api/grpc/proto/* .


Replace $API_GW_ADDRESS with address of iCP API GW in your environment


cd ~/universe-grpc-workspace grpcurl -cacert=ca.crt -cert=admin.crt -key=admin.key -servername api-gateway.local \ -proto universe/admin/provisioning/v1/provisioning.proto $API_GW_ADDRESS \ universe.admin.provisioning.v1.UniverseProvisioningService.ListSettings

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