universe-infra-catalog-manager serves universe.catalog.v1 GRPC API .

GRPC server includes common middlewares which run for all requests. These middlewares do common validation and provide logging for requests.

The manager provides GRPC APIs for create, get, delete the flux CRs HelmRepository and HelmRelease. It supports creation of secrets for use for Helm Repository and image registry access and also values yaml in config map for the Helm charts.

Main registry:


Alternative registry:




Default value

bind-address GPRC server bind address, e.g.: tcp://, unix:///var/lib/foo tcp://:9090
catalog-namespace namespace for Catalog objects universe
helm-repo-check-interval interval for created Helm Repositories at which to check the Helm Repo URL for updates, in minutes 10
helm-release-reconcile-interval interval for created Helm release at which to reconcile, in minutes. 2
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