MCA7J60-Nxxx 800Gb_s Twin-port OSFP to 2x400Gb_s OSFP ACC Splitter Product Specifications

The single port OSFP is used only with ConnectX-7/OSFP network adapters.

BlueField-3/QSFP112 DPUs and ConnectX-7/QSFP112 adapters require QSFP112 ends found on the MCA7J65 and MCA7J75.

Use case illustration:


The splitter ACC cables are available in:

  • 1:2 splits (2x 400G) MCA7J60 4-channels x 100G-PAM4

  • 1:4 splits (4x 200G) MCA7J70 2-channels x 100G-PAM4.

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