NVIDIA MFP7E20-Nxxx Optical Multimode Splitter Fiber Cable Product Specifications

NVIDIA MFP7E20-Nxxx Optical Multimode Splitter Fiber Cable Product Specifications Download PDF

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The NVIDIA MFP7E20-Nxxx, is a multimode, 4-channel-to-two 2-channel splitter fiber cable. The Multiple Push On, 12 fiber, Angled Polished Connectors (MPO-12/APC) uses 8 active fibers to transmit light and 4 inactive fibers as strength members. The Angled Polished Connector has a 8-degree polished angle to deflect internal optical back reflections from entering the transceivers and distorting the signal quality.

The 4-channel end is inserted into a Twin port OSFP, 800Gb/s transceiver. The 2-channel ends are inserted into two, single-port 400Gb/s OSFP and/or QSFP112 transceivers which with only 2 fibers can output 200G rates. Two splitter fiber cables are used in the twin-port OSFP transceiver enabling four, 2-channel ends to four transceivers.

The fibers are “crossover”, Type-B cables enable directly attaching two transceivers together and allow the transmit laser fiber on pin 1 to “crosses over” and align with pin 12 of the opposite fiber end transceiver photodetector.

The typical usecase is linking OSFP switches to in ConnectX-7® network adapters and/or BlueField-3® Data Processing Units (DPUs) in compute and storage servers.

Rigorous cable production testing ensures best out-of-the-box installation experience, performance, and durability. NVIDIA’s optical solutions provide short, medium, and long reach scalability for all topologies, utilizing innovative optical technologies to enable high signal integrity and reliability.


Images are for illustration purposes only. Product labels, colors, and lengths may vary.

Key Features

  • Flexible round outer jacket for easier installation
  • Push-pull latching for quick release
  • Female-to-Female connectors
  • 50/125 µm Multimode fibers
  • 50m max reach
  • Telcordia GR-1435 compliant
  • IEC Standard Connectors:

    • MPO: IEC 61754-7 and ANSI/TIA/EIA 604-5-199
  • OFNR/LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) jacket
  • Supports InfiniBand, Ethernet and NVLink protocols


  • Use with 400G OSFP or QSFP112 transceivers to achieve 200Gb/s using 2 fibers
  • Optical short-reach high speed links in data centers
  • Data processing and storage systems
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