Booting HCA Device in Livefish Mode

NVIDIA ConnectX-5 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v16.35.3502 LTS

In case a MLNX HCA fails to boot properly and is not being identified by the system due to a corrupt firmware, the user is able to boot the card in livefish mode in order to re-burn the card, assuming that this is supported on the board.

To do so, a direct access to the card is needed. By connecting the two flash present pins using a jumper while the machine is powered off, the card will boot in Flash not present mode (the firmware will not be loaded from the flash) i.e livefish.

To boot the card in livefish mode:

  1. Power off the machine.

  2. Locate the Flash preset pins on the HCA.

  3. Close the two pins using a jumper.

  4. Power on the machine.

To boot the card in normal mode:

  1. Power off the machine.

  2. Take off the jumper connected to the Flash Present pins on the HCA.

  3. Power on the machine.

The following photos show common locations of the Flash Present pins.


Existence and location of Flash Present pins depends on the board manufacture.



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