Generating Firmware Secure and NV LifeCycle Configurations Files

NVIDIA ConnectX-5 Adapter Cards Firmware Release Notes v16.35.3502 LTS

The flint "set_forbidden_versions" command takes as a parameter the binary file that contains the forbidden versions. To create this file easily you can use the mlxconfig "xml2bin" command. The forbidden versions configuration is found in the mlxconfig database.

As demonstrated in Section 2.3.11, you have to:

  1. Run mlxconfig "gen_tlvs_file".

  2. Choose "nv_forbidden_versions".

  3. Generate XML template using mlxconfig "gen_xml_template".

  4. Set values for the parameters in the XML template.
    You can set up to 32 forbidden versions. mlxconfig requires all the parameters in the XML template to have values, so in case you want to fill only one forbidden version you have to set the other 31 parameters to zero, you can do that by using index range as follows:


    <forbidden_fw_version index='1..31' >0x0</forbidden_fw_version>

  5. Run the xml2bin command to generate the binary file.

mlxconfig can be used to generate CS tokens, debug tokens and NV LifeCycle configuration files and apply it on your device.

To create the tokens:

  1. Generate XML template that contains the necessary configurations for the token.
    The XML template must have only one token configuration. The current available token configurations are: debug token, customer token and MLNX ID token. The XML must also have the file_applicable_to and file_mac_addr_list configurations.

  2. Generate a binary file that can be applied to the device using the mlxconfig create_conf command (see Section 2.3.14).

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