NVIDIA Firmware Tools (MFT) Documentation v4.28
NVIDIA Firmware Tools (MFT) Documentation v4.28

flint/mlxburn Limitations

  • When running flint/mlxburn via an MTUSB-1 device, a burn/query command may take up to 45 minutes to complete.

    • To accelerate the burn process add the flag -no_flash_verify to the command line which skips the flash verification step. This flag, however, does not verify if the image is burnt correctly.

  • Burning an image to a ConnectX-3 adapter in Flash recovery mode may fail on some server types (that use PCIe spread spectrum). The tool may not be able to recognize the device’s PCI CONF0 or the image burn may not complete successfully.

    • To burn the device, use the MTUSB-1 connection.

  • To load the newly burnt firmware image, a driver restart is required for ConnectX-3/ConnectX-3 Pro cards.

    • For fifth generation (Group II) devices, run the mlxfwreset tool or reboot the system.

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