NVIDIA Firmware Tools (MFT) Documentation v4.28
NVIDIA Firmware Tools (MFT) Documentation v4.28

Setting the VSD

To set the vsd for the given image/device (4th generation/Group I), use the sv command with -vsd flag.



# flint -d /dev/mst/mt4099_pci_cr0 -vsd "MELLANOX" sv Setting the VSD - OK Restoring signature - OK   # flint -d /dev/mst/mt4099_pci_cr0 q Image type: FS2 FW Version: 2.31.5050 FW Release Date: 4.5.2014 Device ID: 4099 Description: Node Port1 Port2 Sys image GUIDs: f45214030001b8a0 f45214030001b8a1 f45214030001b8a2 f45214030001b8a3 MACs: 00300abadaba 00300abadabb VSD: MELLANOX PSID: MT_1090120019

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