NVIDIA Firmware Tools (MFT) Documentation v4.28
NVIDIA Firmware Tools (MFT) Documentation v4.28

Updating Firmware Using an UPMF

Updating the firmware is done by simply executing the UPMF. Most of the command line options of the mlxfwmanager tool apply also for the UPMF.

For further detail, please refer to mlxfwreset - Loading Firmware on 5th Generation Devices Tool.

Some of the most commonly used command line options are:


Force firmware update even if the firmware in the UPMF is not newer than the one on the device.


Non-interactive mode - assume 'yes' to all questions.

In addition to the mlxfwmanager tool command line options, the UPMF has 2 additional options:

Additional UPMF self extractor options:

--sfx-extract-dir <dir>

Use <dir> for temporary files during execution


Do not wait for user keypress after completion.

Note: This flag is used in Windows OSs.

Extraction Example


# mlxfwmanager-20130717-1 --sfx-extract-dir ./mydir --sfx-extract-only Extracting to mydir/mlxfwmanager-20130717-1 ... Done

Run the firmware update command:


# ./mydir/mlxfwmanager-20130717-1/mlxfwmanager -u

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