NVIDIA Firmware Tools (MFT) Documentation v4.28
NVIDIA Firmware Tools (MFT) Documentation v4.28


Update Package for NVIDIA Firmware (UPMF) is a new method used to distribute firmware to end users. Instead of providing multiple binary files (one for each board type) and burning them using the flint tool, the UPMF method requires only a single standalone file.

The UPMF is a self-extracting executable that contains a set of firmware binary images, and the mlxfwmanager firmware update tool.

UPMF provides:

  • Single file per firmware release

  • Simple 'one click' firmware update

  • Compact size (achieved by efficient compression of the firmware images)

  • No installation required

When executed, the UPMF:

  • Extracts its content into a temporary location

  • Scans the locally installed NVIDIA devices firmware versions

  • Performs firmware updates if needed

  • Cleans up temporary files

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