Offloaded Traffic Sniffer

NVIDIA MLNX_EN Documentation v24.04-

To be able to activate this feature, make sure libpcap library v1.9 or above is installed on your setup.

To download libpcap, please visit

Offloaded Traffic Sniffer allows bypass kernel traffic (such as RoCE, VMA, and DPDK) to be captured by existing packet analyzer, such as tcpdump.

To capture the interface's bypass kernel traffic, run tcpdump on the RDMA device.

For examples on how to dump RDMA traffic using the Inbox tcpdump tool for ConnectX-4 adapter cards and above, click here .


Note that enabling Offloaded Traffic Sniffer can cause bypass kernel traffic speed degradation.


In case you do not wish to install libpcap on your setup, you can use docker to run the tcpdump. For further information, please see

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