Bug Fixes in This Version

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v5.17

Below are the bugs fixed in this version. For a list of fixes previous version, see Bug Fixes History.

Internal Reference Number



Description: Installing mlnx_tune on Python3 did not work properly. mlnx_tune now supports Python3 in addition to Python2.

Keywords: Installation, mlnx_tune, Python3

Discovered in Release: 5.5-

Fixed in Release: 23.04-


Description: When creating a bond interface for all ports on a ConnectX-7 4-port HCA, the wrong bond name appeared in ibdev2netdev.

Keywords: RDMA, Bond Name, ibdev2netdev, ConnectX-7

Discovered in Release: 5.8-

Fixed in Release: 23.04-


Description: Changing traffic class via the sysfs while modifying QPs in parallel causes a deadlock.

Keywords: RDMA, TC, Sysfs, QP

Discovered in Release: 5.0-

Fixed in Release: 23.04-


Description: Due to a bug in the emulation layer, performance degradation might be experienced when running GPUDirect over Virtual Functions.

Keywords: RDMA, GPUDirect, performance, VF

Discovered in Release: 5.9-

Fixed in Release: 23.04-


Description: debugfs directories cannot be created for representors and sub-functions, thus the log might show error warning for either of the scenarios.

Keywords: NetDev, debugfs, SF, logging

Discovered in Release: 5.8-

Fixed in Release: 23.04-


Description: mlnx_tune script does not support Python3 interpreter.

Keywords: mlnx_tune, Python3

Discovered in Release: 4.7-

Fixed in Release: 23.04-


Description: The verion number for perftest was not-standard resulting in some distribution packages recieving a higher version number than the OFED version for no good reason. Changed the naming of perftest to MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.

Keywords: Installation, perftest

Fixed in Release: 23.04-


Description: knem did not fully support RHEL8.7 and newer releases.

Keywords: Installation, knem, RHEL

Discovered in Release: 5.8-

Fixed in Release: 23.04-


Description: Installing MLNX_OFED on a RHEL system that uses a non-default version of Python (e.g., Python3.9 on RHEL8.6, where the default is 3.6) may fail with an error that mlnx-tools is missing a dependency on 'python(abi)'. mlnx-tools includes a single script, mlnx_qos, that depends on a specific version of python. In such a case, after the fix, it may fail to run with such a non-standard version of Python.

Keywords: Installation, Python, RHEL, mlnx-tools

Discovered in Release: 5.9-

Fixed in Release: 23.04-

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