Document Revision History

MMA2P00-AS 25GbE SFP28 MMF Transceiver Product Specifications





Feb. 2023

Updated option 1 mechanical drawing.


Jan. 2023

Added alternate source mechanical drawings.


  • Key Features section

  • Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Features section

  • Specifications Chapter


Dec. 2021

Reformatted and rebranded; migrated to on-line file. Removed BER bullet.


Nov. 2020

Updated the Introduction section with new mechanical drawings.
Added UPC information in the Introduction and Key Features sections.
Added Appendix B: Optical Connector and Patch Cable
Minor text edits.


Aug. 2019

Aligned parameters in Table: Optical Module Specifications with industry standards:

  • Average launch power – changed Min from -2 to -8.4 dBm

  • Transmit OMA – changed Min from -2 to -6.4 dBm

  • Extinction ratio – removed Max specification

  • Typo: Changed “Stressed receiver sensitivity (OMA) at BER=10-5 ” to “Stressed receiver sensitivity (OMA) at BER=5*10-5


Mar. 21, 2019

Table: Electrical Module Specifications: Changed Receiver’s “Output transition time, 20 to 80%” from 17ps to 12 ps.
Table: Optical Module Specifications: Changed Receiver’s “Unstressed receiver sensitivity (OMA)” from -7.5dBm to -7dBm.


Feb. 21, 2018

New document format.
Introduction – Added text ‘The transceiver offers…”
Key Features – Added bullets “SFP28 power level…”, “0.7W power…”, “Class 1…”.
Table: Absolute Maximum Ratings – Changed Supply voltage from 3.465 to 3.6V.
Table: Environmental Specifications – Changed Storage temperature from -20 to -40°C
Table: Electrical Module Specifications – Differential data…TP4 Min 300mVpp, added “Output transition time…”, “Output eye crossing”.
Table: Optical Module Specifications – Changed “Average launch power” from -1 to -2dBm, Transmit OMA min from -1 to -2dBm, max from 2.4 to 3dBm, added transmitter reach, added LOS de-assert, LOS hysteresis max changed from --- to 3dB, added Test Conditions, added notes.


Jan. 16, 2017

‎Features - Removed Rx output amplitude.
Figure 1: MMA2P00-AS, page 1 – Updated photo.
Table: Electrical Module Specifications – Updated.
Table: Optical Module Specifications – Updated Average Launch Power, Transmit OMA, Eye Crossing, Receiver Sensitivity, Stressed Receiver Sensitivity, removed LOS De-Assert, replaced Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure with ORL Tolerance.
Label – Updated.


Jul. 2016

Initial release

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