MMA4Z00-NS400 400Gb/s Single-port OSFP 400Gb/s Multimode SR4 50m

MMA4Z00-NS400 400Gb_s Single-port OSFP, 400Gb_s Multimode SR4 50m Transceiver

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The NVIDIA MMA4Z00-NS400 is an InfiniBand (IB) and Ethernet (ETH) 400Gb/s, Single-port, OSFP, SR4 multimode parallel transceiver using a single, 4-channel MPO-12/APC optical connector. The Short Reach 4-channel (SR4) design uses 100G-PAM4 modulation and has a maximum fiber reach of 50-meters using OM4 multimode fiber and assumes two optical patch panels in the link. It has identical design and internals as the QSFP112 version, only with different connector shells.

The transceiver firmware supports both InfiniBand and Ethernet and is automatically enabled depending on the protocol of the switch attached to. The OSFP shell has a flat-top and utilizes the riding heat sink (cooling fins) on the ConnectX-7 connector cage.When linked to 1:2 splitter fiber cable split end has only 2 channels and will activate only 2-channels in the 400G transceiver automatically creating a 200G speed and reducing power.

Multimode optics is denoted by a tan-colored pull tab and aqua-colored optical fiber. Green plastic shell on the MPO-12/APC optical connector denotes Angled Polish Connector and is not compatible with Ultra-flat Polished Connectors (UPC) (aqua colored).

NVIDIA’s Single-port and Twin-port transceiver combinations guarantee optimal operation in NVIDIA end-to-end systems and customer networking solutions. Rigorous production testing ensures the best out-of-the-box installation experience, performance, and durability.

Flat Top Transceiver



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Key Features

  • IB and ETH support
  • 400G SR4 multimode
  • 4-channels of 100G-PAM4 electrical and optical modulation
  • Flat top OSFP connector shell
  • 850nm VCSEL
  • Maximum reach:

    • 30m using OM3 fiber
    • 50m using OM4 fiber
  • Single MPO-12/APC optical connector
  • Operates as a 200Gb/s NDR200 transceiver with 2-fiber splitter ends
  • 8.5 Watts (max) using 4-channels
  • 5.5 Watts (max) using 2-channels
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Class 1 laser safety
  • Hot pluggable, RoHS compliant
  • compliant
  • CMIS 4.0 compliant
  • Case temperature range 0°C to +70°C


  • Used in ConnectX-7/OSFP adapters linked to Twin-port transceivers in 2x400G IB/EN switches

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