Connectivity Scenarios

MMA4Z00-NS400 400Gb_s Single-port OSFP, 400Gb_s Multimode SR4 50m Transceiver

The transceiver is inserted into 400Gb/s ConnectX-7/OSFP-based, PCIe-bus network cards. Typically, the transceiver is linked to a single 800Gb/s Twin-port 2x400G OSFP transceiver (MMA4Z00-NS) in a Quantum-2 InfiniBand or Spectrum-4 Ethernet switch. The 400Gb/s transceiver has two speeds depending on the number of fibers attached:

  1. 400Gb/s mode: Using 4-channels straight 50-meter crossover fiber cables (MFP7E10), the transceiver draws 9 Watts maximum or 8 Watts typical. In this case, the Twin-port 2x400G transceiver supports two 400G transceivers and two ConnectX-7/OSFP adapter cards.

  2. 200Gb/s mode: Using 2-channels and 1:2 splitter 50-meter crossover fiber cables fiber cables (MFP7E20), the transceiver operates at 200Gb/s (200GbE, NDR200) rate and draws 5 Watts typical and 6.5 Watts maximum automatically reducing power as only 2 channels are activated. This case creates links to four 200Gb/s ConnectX-7/OSFP adapter cards.

  • Single port OSFP are not for use in switches. BlueField-3 only accepts QSFP112s

  • Both fibers in the Twin-port 2x400G transceiver linked to the QSFP112s must be the same type – straight or splitter and cannot be mixed.

1. Switch-to-switch at 800Gb/s or to two switches at 400Gb/s

A Twin port OSFP transceiver using two, straight fiber cables can support up to two ConnectX-7/OSFP adapters. Each of the two, 4-channel fiber cables (MFP7E10) can link to the 400G OSFP MMA4Z00-NS400 transceiver up to 50-meters.

    • ConnectX-7 adapters are offered on both OSFP and QSFP112

    • BlueField-3 adapters only accept QSFP112 devices.


2. Switch-to-four 200G ConnectX-7/OSFP

A Twin port OSFP transceiver using two, 1:2 fiber splitter cables can support up to four ConnectX-7 adapters. Each of the two, 4-channel 1:2 fiber splitter cables (MFP7E20) can link to a 400G OSFP MMA4Z00-NS400 transceiver up to 50-meters.

The two-fiber channel ends only activate two of the lanes in the 400G transceiver creating a 200G device and automatically reduces the power consumption of only the 400G transceivers from 8 Watts typical to 5.5 Watts typical. Twin port OSFP power consumption remains at 15 Watts.



OSFP is not for use in BlueField-3 DPUs.

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