MMS4X50-NM 800Gbps Twin-port OSFP 2xFR4, 2x400Gb/s Single Mode, 2km

MMS4X50-NM 800Gbps Twin-port OSFP 2xFR4, 2x400Gbs Single Mode, 2km

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The NVIDIA MMS4X50-NM is an 800Gb/s 2x400Gb/s Twin-port OSFP, 2xFR4 single mode, 8-channel electrical transceiver. This transceiver uses two, 2-fiber, LC Duplex optical connectors each carrying 4-channels of 100G-PAM4. The dual Far Reach 8-channel (2xFR4) design uses 100G-PAM4 electrical and optical modulation based on the CWDM4 serial, multiplexed 1310nm wavelength grid.

It has a maximum fiber reach of 2,000-meters which assumes two optical patch panels in the link. The transceiver firmware supports both InfiniBand and Ethernet and is automatically enabled depending on the protocol of the switch.

The Twin-port 2xFR4 transceiver has two internal transceiver engines enabling 64-ports of 400Gb/s in a 32-OSFP cage Quantum-2 switch. Spectrum-4 switches have 32 or 64 cages and enable 64-128 400G ports.

The main application for MMS4X50-NM is linking two switches together up to 2,000-meter. A bright green marking on transceiver body indicates 2k-meter maximum reach.

The transceiver combinations guarantee optimal operation in NVIDIA end-to-end InfiniBand systems and a rigorous production tested to ensure the best out-of-the-box installation experience, performance, and durability.


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Key Features

  • 800G 2xFR4 single mode
  • 8-channels of 100G-PAM4 electrical modulation
  • Two Duplex LC ports of 4-channel 100G-PAM4 optical modulation
  • Supports two single mode fiber cables with duplex LC optical connectors
  • 8x 1330nm EML lasers
  • 2km Max reach
  • 17-Watts max power
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Class 1 laser safety
  • Hot pluggable, RoHS compliant
  • compliant
  • CMIS 5.0 compliant

Fibers not supplied by NIVDIA


  • Used to link Quantum-2 or Spectrum-4 air-cooled switches together.
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